The Trio

Independently inspired to hike the Pacific Crest Trail many years ago, Gus, Carter and Elena are finally able to take five months out of their everyday lives to go on a really long walk.







18 years old. Just graduated high-school. Stoked to hike the PCT. Likes pop-tarts.








Carter was born and raised in Tacoma and remained there in an almost year-round capacity before departing the nest and migrating north like a baby barnacle goose, albeit with less grace, where he spent a lot of time thinking about doing things and the rest of his time not doing those things because he was in school and wanted to prove to his parents that his brain was worth the ever-increasing cost of in-state tuition. Now he is done with school.




elenaHi! I’m Elena. Outdoor endeavors from hiking and climbing to croquet and dog-walking have been the preferred way to spend my time for about as long as I can remember. Thus, being able to spend five months on an essentially uninterrupted  stretch of trail with my pack and two of my favorite people is quite an appealing idea. I love the simplicity of living out of one bag and therefore being forced to live with the absolute minimal. Having graduated from Willamette University on May 12th, I thought, what better time than now to go on a really long hike?




2 thoughts on “The Trio

  1. Loving your blog! As a fellow Puyallup-ian and hiker, I am so enjoying your website. I belong to a group of hiking women…….we call ourselves Holy Thursday Hiking Club. As you may have guessed, we hike every Thursday. We love hiking around Mt. Rainier, Chinook Pass, and the surrounding areas. We are following your PCT progress……thanks for allowing us to live vicariously through you!

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