Trail Angels

Trail Angels are those divine people that lend a helping hand to PCT hikers along their journey north (or south). In large part, they make the trail much more do-able and considerably more enjoyable.

Trail Angels that we find along the PCT are usually weathered veterans of this long-distance venture and have unique (and often times more realistic) perspectives on trail life. Their connection to this somewhat shared experience allows them to empathize with current thru-hikers and make certain stretches of trail infinitely more tolerable than they would have been otherwise. Some Trail Angels remain relatively anonymous and provide assistance by doing things like filling water caches in stretches of the trail with little or no water. Others provide shade, food, hospitality and trail wisdom intermittently throughout the hike.

We also have some Trail Angels of our own who have made (and are making) our thru-hike attempt considerably more feasible. This page serves to give an enormous Thank You to everyone who has, and is, helping us in our long walk home!

THANK YOU to Wynne Brown and Peter Wimberger (mom and dad!) for helping us send off our re-supply boxes for the next five months, as well as their continual excitement, support and encouragement!


THANK YOU to Katie Chandler and Pennye Nixon of Etta Projects for providing us with the very crucial GoalZero Nomad solar charger through which we charge our iphones and are able to stay somewhat in touch with off-the-trail life.

THANK YOU to Todd Silver of Rite in the Rain products for providing all three of us with awesome water-proof journals, note-pads and pens!

elena 008



Another THANK YOU to Papa Peter for driving us to the start of the trail in Campo, California and delivering our first five food boxes to various SoCal towns!




elena 012




THANK YOU to Amy Odegard and Bailey for providing us with a solid base from which to launch our trip!

One thought on “Trail Angels

  1. Gus/Elena, Don’t forget the PCT goes right through Camas, WA (just northeast of Portland) and we would like to be trail angels for you here – you can come spend the night and have dinner, do laundry.
    When you get close – let us know. Becky and Dan Hanenkrat – Doug Gilmore’s parents!

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